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This year's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride marks the 3rd year where we dapper up, raise funds for men's health and we invite you to join us!

Dress up! Donate and make a Difference.

Dress up! Donate and make a Difference.

When we started Hunter Scooter in 2016 the mission was to produce a unique, low impact and highly customisable platform, that offered its owners the ability to stand out from the pack and reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing style or individuality in a generic mass produced world.  

This year will be the third year Hunted Scooters will be raising funds for a cause that not only allows us to dress up and have fun to increase awareness and funding for one of the biggest killers of men in Australia.

The ability to join in the fun and shed light on some tough health issues that traditionally are 'swept under the carpet' in Australian male culture only enhances our mission to allow men to express, discuss and display their individuality in an accepting and open forum.

This ride has already contributed millions to some of the most promising private and public studies for prostate cancer and have started a number of initiatives to open a narrative to give those riders who have experienced depression or mental health issues or have had friends and family experience this, with tools to discuss, identify and address this growing concern.

We ride this year to enable this voice to become louder so that those who have suffer can be heard and can eventually be treated. Men’s health doesn’t need to be stigmatised it needs to be addressed. Help us make a difference.

Donate below and join the ride… your hunter fits into a category of custom bike and with suitably dapper attire you can make a difference by riding united while standing out from the pack.

Don your finest attire and ride for a cure to prostate cancer.

Don your finest attire and ride for a cure to prostate cancer.

If you would like to know more feel free to contact us at Hunted HQ

This is one of the many rides we attend, assist, promote and host. if you want to become a part of something bigger than your daily commute or weekend ride, contact us today and join a movement that encourages movement!



The Triple Head Cruise - Sunday 25th Aug @ 10am

3 heads.jpg

It’s on again peeps... in the dark, deep cold of winter here’s a treat to help you dust off your wheels and get excited about.

We love our City and Harbour so much, we thought what better way to appreciate it than to scoot around her!

For some of us we’ll be visiting our friends and family as we ride past Taronga Zoo, then pop past Bradley’s Head.... Through to the historic Middle Head along Chowder Bay Road. Up the steepest hill at Balmoral Beach over the Spit through Manly and ending up at North Head the entrance to the most amazingly beautiful harbour in the World!!

If you live here... love here! Come join the ride...

Meet Up 9:30am Mrs Macquarie’s Chair For Our Abuja’s Photo Shoot We Roll out 10:00am

As always this is a community event for all rides and riders from beginner up. We will strictly adhere to the road rules, speed limits and we always promote safe riding habits and behaviour.


Palm Beach Ride 19th May 2019



9:30am - LINK ROAD, ROSEBERY - Map here

Photo: Last Palm Beach turnout was awesome, let’s beat it this ride!

Photo: Last Palm Beach turnout was awesome, let’s beat it this ride!

** Meet up location change: - Riders take note **

This Sunday we ride 🏍💨

Our meeting point has changed due to CBD road Closures for a Half marathon!!!

REALLY SYDNEY we‘re trying to do a full marathon plus more, anyways….

New meeting point


Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club

18 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 or

If anyone Eastside wants to meet earlier and ride up to the meeting point 


Link Road, ROSEBERY, Sydney NSW

We can drive directly on to the Eastern Distributor under the tunnels to Ryde!

We will head along Lane cove Road and up to Palm Beach.

This is an ideal and very scenic ride for beginners and experienced riders. As always this is a weather permitting events and if roads are wet ride will be cancelled. however all forecasts point to sunshine! :)

All rides and riders welcomed, we always encourage safe riding in accordance within speed limits, no filtering and always support responsible two wheeling.

Is it cheaper to own and run a scooter than a larger bike or a car?

fuel is a big consideration

fuel is a big consideration

The short answer to this question is an undeniable ‘Yes’.

At Hunted Scooters we are often asked by prospective owners;

  • How fast our Hunter Scooter goes?

  • How much does it cost to fill up a tank and what range will that give?

  • How much is costs to register and insure each year?

These are all very valid questions and let me start answering them with our vision when starting our business. We wanted to offer Australian riders a uniquely styled scooter, that not only offered the owner and alternative transport solution but the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while allowing their individuality and style to be represented in the form of their vehicle.

Fill your tank for $6!!

Fill your tank for $6!!

Top Speed and Fuel Consumption:

The speed is an important question; if I’m going to commute I want to know that I can go on a highway or a cross city tunnel.

Our scooters can do the speed limit in Australia 110klm/hr, at this speed their rated 2.1ltr/100klms fuel consumption is slightly increased. But when cruising between the average speed limits of 60-80klm/hr the engine performs very efficiently. When considering the average speed through traffic is 20-30klms/hr the fuel efficiency is fantastic.

A 5.5 litre fuel tank can go as far as 130-140klms urban travelling and when tested on the Royal National Park road from Loftus to Thirroul without the stop start of city traffic we have been able to squeeze close to 200klms. That’s a $7 full tank at today’s petrol prices.



Annual Rego:

To keep your 150cc scooter registered annually this can depend on your license, age and where you live in Australia, but working on an inner city suburb in Sydney on a full riders license that cost is $146 for a green slip through QBE and $150 for registration a total of $296, with standard plates


Now that you have the running cost it’s good to factor in services at approximately $250 every 2000klms or every 6 months, time saved in transit is invaluable and parking in most places is free within the allotted time limit.

Let’s wrap this up!

So for a fill up of $7 annual rego under $300 and parking mostly for free! The verdict is in… A scooter is a much more economical transport solution and is a heap more fun to commute and offers the rider an ability to reconnect to the world around them in a disconnected world.

Series IV is in stock with all our dealers listed on our BUY page, so call them up and book in your test ride today.

Stock is limited with only a few Dark Knights (matte black) and Obsidian (gloss black) 2019 plated stock remaining.

We hope to see you on the road or our next ride on the 14th April through the Nasho, so you can test the fuel efficiency yourselves. Get all of the info through our Facebook Event page and follow us to get regular updates.

Scoot on Luke



Eastern Beaches Ride TIME 2.0!!!!!! 4th November 10:00am Maroubra Beach, Lapa, Bondi and Watto Bay

Hello Fellow Hunters,

After the last ride was cancelled due to bad weather and safety concerns, it’s time to try it again…..

This ride will start at Maroubra beach then head south the La Perouse up to Bondi and Watsons Bay!

YES…. There will be giveaways this ride too, kindly donated

by Hunted Scooters, Gromzunited and Sydney Grom Squad.

If you want to know what is being giveaway and more importantly a chance to win, you’ll have to BE THERE….

Date 4th November 2018

Time: 10:00am

Meeting point: Maroubra Beach car park (South end next to skate park)

As much as we love small fast things and would like as many hunter scooters riders to represent, we are an inclusive bunch here at Hunter HQ and welcome all rides and riders to join the fun.

Scoot safe and see you on the 14th :)

Luke & The team @ Hunted Scooters

Le Perouse … let’s hope the weather is just as good for this ride!!

Le Perouse … let’s hope the weather is just as good for this ride!!