The Triple Head Cruise - Sunday 25th Aug @ 10am

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It’s on again peeps... in the dark, deep cold of winter here’s a treat to help you dust off your wheels and get excited about.

We love our City and Harbour so much, we thought what better way to appreciate it than to scoot around her!

For some of us we’ll be visiting our friends and family as we ride past Taronga Zoo, then pop past Bradley’s Head.... Through to the historic Middle Head along Chowder Bay Road. Up the steepest hill at Balmoral Beach over the Spit through Manly and ending up at North Head the entrance to the most amazingly beautiful harbour in the World!!

If you live here... love here! Come join the ride...

Meet Up 9:30am Mrs Macquarie’s Chair For Our Abuja’s Photo Shoot We Roll out 10:00am

As always this is a community event for all rides and riders from beginner up. We will strictly adhere to the road rules, speed limits and we always promote safe riding habits and behaviour.

The Biggest Ride To Date!

McCarrs Creek Road, Church Point

McCarrs Creek Road, Church Point

On Sunday the 19th of May, we saw the largest turn out to our events so far.

The Palm Beach Run, a ride from the heart of Sydney up the coast to the home of Summer Bay has always attracted a large number of riders. Due mainly to the magical scenery, long open roads and an amazing destination, we all feel like we all “home and away” at the same time! but this was the biggest and the best.

all things small fast and loud.

all things small fast and loud.

Our latest Palm Beach Cruise saw 63 rides of all varieties, from our own Hunter Scooter in stock & custom format, a large and entertaining number of Honda Groms and Monkeys, in all colours and customs plus a myriad of highly customised unique one of a kind rides which inspire us and why we started these rides in the first place.

Stop it! These two need to get a room! Finished just days before the ride, they were the biggest head turners on the day.

Stop it! These two need to get a room! Finished just days before the ride, they were the biggest head turners on the day.

Our goal with these rides is to be all inclusive and to build a community of riders who embrace the unique and different world of small fast things that roar.

The growing popularity of these events make us smile just as much as those who ride with us. We celebrate the fact that we can bring a community of like minded individuals together, who enjoy the same thing as we do here at Hunted Scooters…

The cast and crew of Summer Bay “Home and Away!”

The cast and crew of Summer Bay “Home and Away!”

You don’t need to be “big and brash” in this noise filled world to make a statement. Turn some heads, make onlookers smile and enrich your own life while connecting with the stunning city we are lucky enough to call home. All you need is a passion for small two wheeled beasts that bring you thrills.


We hope you enjoyed a few shots of our latest ride.


Stayed tuned for our next events on socials which we will publish in the coming weeks.


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ride safe and stay unique




Luke @ Hunted HQ

the stop off!

the stop off!

The more the merrier, join us next ride you’ll feel like a rock star!


Palm Beach Ride 19th May 2019



9:30am - LINK ROAD, ROSEBERY - Map here

Photo: Last Palm Beach turnout was awesome, let’s beat it this ride!

Photo: Last Palm Beach turnout was awesome, let’s beat it this ride!

** Meet up location change: - Riders take note **

This Sunday we ride 🏍💨

Our meeting point has changed due to CBD road Closures for a Half marathon!!!

REALLY SYDNEY we‘re trying to do a full marathon plus more, anyways….

New meeting point


Ryde Hunters Hill District Hockey Club

18 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 or

If anyone Eastside wants to meet earlier and ride up to the meeting point 


Link Road, ROSEBERY, Sydney NSW

We can drive directly on to the Eastern Distributor under the tunnels to Ryde!

We will head along Lane cove Road and up to Palm Beach.

This is an ideal and very scenic ride for beginners and experienced riders. As always this is a weather permitting events and if roads are wet ride will be cancelled. however all forecasts point to sunshine! :)

All rides and riders welcomed, we always encourage safe riding in accordance within speed limits, no filtering and always support responsible two wheeling.