At Hunted Scooters we want to get you on the road as easily as possible. Whether you have two wheel experience already or not, this information will assist in getting you up and running.

What is a Hunter scooter?

The Hunter scooter  is Australia's first custom petrol powered 150cc scooter, street legal ready for you to cruise around town on. Turn heads on the street, show it off at the beach, add some fun to your commute to work, or cruise just for the enjoyment of it. We have created it, now it’s up to you to customise it. While this very well could become your new passion, just as it has for us at Hunted HQ, you also have some serious benefits to justify your Hunter purchase. Save money on fuel, rego, insurances, never pay for parking, minimise your time in traffic, legally lane split, use bus lanes (check your state’s road rules) all while reducing your carbon footprint!

Owning a Hunter can also become a great hobby as you can spend hours tinkering, adding to, and customising your Hunter in your own garage or shed. With a myriad of aftermarket options this could be a life-changing purchase that will allow you to express your individuality in a mass produced world.

Even if you don't have a garage but want to play around with your scoots, there are shared workshops where you can go and use their tools or mechanics that offer modifications Rising Sun Workshop is a great place to learn and play . Contact us for our current list of spaces available to help you deck out your ride.

Can anyone ride a Hunter?

Yes, Hunter Scooter is a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAMS).

Although this street beast looks wild and hard to handle,it deceptively easy to cruise on. Anyone in New South Wales who is older than 16 and 9 months with a riders licence can hop on and ride! With no gears to change or clutch to use this form of motorcycle is easy to learn and use on a daily basis.

NSW allows riders to perform their riders’ license test for a restricted license using an automatic motorcycle or scooter.  

Should you still need to complete your riders’ license, check with your local Road and Transit authority:


How much is a Hunter?

Hunter Scooters retail for AUD $4990 (GST included).

Contact us for distribution and further information. Delivery of Series III landed June 2018. Our strockists are holding our last stock for 2018.


Sol Invictus Motorcycles 

shop 1/111 Hunter St Mall, Newcastle, NSW

130 Parramatta Road Camperdown, NSW


1037 Bourke Street, Waterloo, NSW 


117-119 Sydney Road, Coburg, Victoria 

How much is Rego, Green Slip & Blue slip?

On road costs vary from state to state. In NSW scooters are the cheapest form of roadworthy transport to register and run with Green Slips costing under $150* for 12 months and rego under $150.*

* Actual costs and durations may vary. Check with your State Government authority for current prices and details.

How fast does it go?

With its four stroke 150cc air cooled motor, Hunters claim a top speed of 90km/hr. We’ve clocked it at 109km/hr at Eastern Creek Raceway just outside of Sydney with a slight headwind. This top speed is adequate for city commuting, running around town or heading to the beach. with enough grunt to get up to speed even up hills!

It’s is also perfect for weekend rides through the national parks!

How do I look after my Hunter?

Being a handmade, custom, small volume bike, we do our best to ensure every Hunter reaches our strict compliance regulations and quality controls. As with every new vehicle, you should treat your Hunter with a little care through the 'wear in' period. Gently apply brakes for the first 300kms to allow the brakes to settle in and to avoid squealing or warping. Slow increased throttle acceleration will allow the motor to open up to its full potential and for the valves to seat properly. Oil should be changed to a high grade synthetic after the first few months or 500klms as we have used a slightly less quality oil to ‘bed’ the engine in properly. Then change oil every 12 months and every 5000 km’s for the transmission lubricant depending on usage and style of riding switch to a synthetic and you will rarely need to service this part of your scoots .

How do I customise my Hunter?

No one wants to look run of the mill! You can customise your Hunted by adding parts, swapping out kit, modifying the existing parts or changing the upholstery.

Add/swap parts:

As the custom scooter scene is quite large in Japan (where it originated) and in the USA, we have developed our scooter inline with a number of bare-boned GY6 variants. Online spares are plentiful and extremely varied. Some worthy sites to check out are:


Modify existing parts:

You can also look to “plasti dip” parts on your Hunter for that unique look without huge costs or permanent effects. Spray on latex paint has grown in popularity due to its low cost, versatility and easy removal. be aware that petrol will remove this product so we suggest keeping it away from the tank and do not use wheels cleaner on the paint of your scooter.



Reupholstered seats can give your ride a completely different look. We have a number of motorcycle upholsterers, please contact us for referrals.

What is the warranty period?

We offer a 1 year/10,000km motor warranty. Although we are a new company in Australia, the Hunter factory in China has been producing high volumes of bikes for local and American markets for over 13 years.

Additionally, as these machines are hand-crafted using the latest technologies, each will yield unique characteristics and personalities. Rest assured you are fully backed by us, the Australian supplier, and in the event something does require attention we will address any issues you have with your machine as well as ordering any OEM spare parts for your Hunted (including the fatty rear tyre).