It's finally here!

It’s finally here!

Landed in Australia the first Hunter to hit the shores!! She is torquie tourpe in colour and she is a beauty! Now for the ADR standards and compliance testing. Stay tuned watch this space...

From our first look over the scooter look well finished and looking good. We have to go through the scooter to ensure all safety standard and Australian design regulations are met. This will be a lengthy process as a first of its kind into Australia.

First Ride

Ok she is outta the box, seriously good looking and got some grunt to her! It’s like Mad Max meets a future army depot. A massive 235mm 10 inch fatty tyre on the rear this scoots has some kerb appeal, the sound is match perfectly to the scooter with a large stainless sports exhaust note that growls. The suspension is low and firm on the rear, however as the front forks have been lowered they are slightly softer, we are addressing this pre production. Tilting or kicking into corners takes a little practice due to the flat profile however it’s kinda fun and completely different to any other bike I have ridden before. Throttle response is good brakes work well on the light framed bike. This is going to be awesome heading down to the beach!

Testing Commences

After the initial inspection we have a few documents to chase up and the parts without existing approval permits will have to be tested for compliance approval .....

Brake testing was completed on Tuesday at Eastern Creek raceway. Under load the “ABS” valve on the front caliper was restricting force on the brakes , even though this pressure limiting valve is not actually ABS it has the ability to reduce force to the brake calipers under load.. Solution remove valve and connect brakes directly to head of braking unit... Result: A PASS on the brake TEST! We also did the noise test out at Eastern Creek, our decibel range came in at acceptable! Phew, I can't imagine a 150cc waking up the neighbourhood regardless of what exhaust system was fitted.

Our original headlights were out of a christmas cracker (no seriously) We have been able to source a new supplier with approved lighting in a sealed unit to keep the street ahead lit perfectly, (plenty of aftermarket headlamps to choose from). The indicators also were the wrong colour, according to the Melbourne test centre 'they didn't fall within the orange colour spectrum deemed compliant???' Thanks to some help from our mates at Braaap motorcycles we have been able to overcome the powers that be with a new and improved unit that suit the style of a scoots!


One of the most unique components of this scoots is the rear tyre, rockin in massive 235/30-10 inch. The concept behind such a large rear wheel was to give the scooter a wider street stance along with a gives the scooter a meaner look. The ride sensation is also completely unique, allowing the rider to 'Tip" in corners.

As this tyre was originally designer for a Quad bike or ATV, there are very few suppliers that offer this replacement with ADR (Australian Design Regulations) approval. We are pleased to announce we will supply and stock replacement tyres with the necessary documentation to be be street legal in Oz.