Battery Care in Colder Months

Scooter batteries hate the cold nearly as much as we humans do, and that chilly winter weather can play havoc with your scooter’s power supply. Where possible, store your scooter in a garage or out of the elements; this will ensure that the battery remains in a better condition throughout the winter months.

As your scooter will not be ridden as fast, far or as regularly a bit of extra vigilance is required. Listen to how your battery starts the scooter before every trip, if you can hear it losing power or struggling to start your engine, then it's time to charge up. Instead of removing your battery to charge, Trickle Charge your battery regularly and take your scooter out for serious spin most days and at revs over 5000rpm to keep the battery topped up, this will keep the power supply healthy and reliable despite the cold.

There are a number of reasonably priced trickle chargers available online with extended connectors. It is easy to install and will give you more life out of your battery.  If this it too difficult visit your local battery shop and they should be able to install for you.

INSTALL - Trickle Charger

Step one - Unscrew all 8 screws around the top and side your front battery box, including the two forward facing screws at the bottom behind your front forks. Remove the back of the box carefully and lay to one side.

Step two- Pull back the rubber housing on your battery terminals to expose the two bolts. Using a 10m socket or screwdriver, disconnect the battery leads and bolts. Using the connector provided with your charger connect the RED (+) on RED and BLACK (-) on BLACK insert charger connectors flush on top of the battery connectors and reconnect the battery terminals.

Step Three - feed the charge plug through the cup holder or under the battery box for easy access to the charge plug.

Step Four - Replace battery box and screw back into place. Simple as that.   

It is worth bearing in mind that extremely cold weather can cause your battery to drain more quickly than usual. We won’t go into the science, but we will ask you to keep an ear out on your battery’s energy levels when starting. Your scooter does have a kick starter.. follow normal starting procedures with key switch to on, run mode on brakes engaged and a tiny twist of the throttle... note: all it requires is a gentle push.Simply place your foot on the peg and push down and back. Do not use excessive force as the splines in the kick starter can be misaligned due to excessive force. 

The cold weather can affect your scooter in other ways too, so remember to have your machine serviced regularly throughout the winter, keep your battery on a trickle charge to ensure your starter capabilities. Regular services and bolt checks are suggested to ensure your safety and your scooter's longevity on the road.

If you have any questions always feel free to contact us for assistance.


Hello Hunter followers and riders, 

We are pleased to announce the delivery of our third series.

Following the successful sell out of series II, we have made a few cosmetic changes to series III due to land end of May 2018

 Series III upgrades include:

* (2 piece stainless) exhaust system, removable baffle,  complete carbon look for Obsidian (gloss)

* Chrome and colour coded front and pillion foot pegs 

* Shadow Chrome (CNC aluminium) brake levers 

* Shadow Chrome upgraded rear shocks.

* Black and Chrome upgraded front shocks


Should you have any questions please visit our list of dealers on our BUY page or email us directly at


Bondi to Palm Beach Ride!

What a perfect day for it too.... most of the crew met at Bondi at 9am just before the 'Sculptures by the Sea' crowd turned up in droves! needless to say there were many heads turning and a few sunburnt arms by the end of the ride...! all in all the scoots got put through their paces on some of the most scenic roads Sydney has to offer. The northern beaches were spectacular and the road leading in to Palm beach proved to be a great source of fun, long winding bends and undulating hills. if you want to know more or join the next run please just email us. 

image courtesy of Celsydney 

image courtesy of Celsydney 

The northern beaches were spectacular and the road leading in to Palm beach proved to be a great source of fun for all riders, long winding bends and undulating hills.

Stretched out, long and low! this is how we roll

Stretched out, long and low! this is how we roll

If you would like to know more about our community rides or just want top join the next run please just email us all rides and riders welcome. 



Upgraded Series II hits Australian Shores

On the Road to a new home QLD!

On the Road to a new home QLD!

We are pleased to inform our community Series II has hit Australian shores with a BANG!

Another 35 of our custom looking street beasts have landed with 11 pre-sold & already delivered to their new homes, buzzing around the roads of Australia.

The loud, unexpected rumble from our 150cc scoots can be heard all over the nation. We have shipped our scoots as far north as Townsville, as far south as Melbourne and over in the Great Australian bite in Adelaide.


We have been overwhelmed with the response, feedback and reaction from the riding community at large and more importantly our own riders. Thank you to all who have emailed, txt’d and called with their stories of smiles and joy and to those that experienced our after purchase care and attention to every request. You make what we do worth doing and we are so glad you are getting as much joy out of our little scoots as we have been riding around Sydney.


We have commitment to constantly improving our product and customer experience, so it with great pleasure we can unveil the Serie II upgrades:

What’s New? A whole list of goodies, that not only make the scoots look and feel better but sound and perform better…. all at the same price as Series I $4900 + ORC

Series II upgrades include:

* (2 piece stainless) exhaust system, with removable baffle for extra grunt and street awareness

* Polished alloy front foot pegs

* Colour coded pillion foot pegs 

* Shadow Chrome (CNC aluminium) brake levers 

* Shadow Chrome and Silver upgraded double gas rear shocks.

* “Blacked out” speedo cluster


If you have any questions regarding our ZH150, the potential to customise your ride or just want to know more, feel free to contact us directly, we would only be too pleased to assist. If you wish to see a few we are riding from Bondi Beach Pavilion to Palm Beach Sat 28th October from 9:00am, all rides and riders are welcome!



If you wish to purchase your very own limited edition Hunter Scooter, please email us so we can send details of the closest stockist so you can see one in the flesh or if you’ve seen enough already and just want to buy one directly, we can  send registration deposit forms and purchase procedure and information on interstate delivery.


We look forward to hearing from you


Luke @ Hunter Scooter HQ

Obsidian - The of Volcanic Glass.... Black & Shiny!!

Obsidian - The of Volcanic Glass.... Black & Shiny!!

The covers come off!! our new Can with removable baffle, loud and mean!

The covers come off!! our new Can with removable baffle, loud and mean!

Series II - On the way! delivery mid October 2017

After selling out of series I in just over 9 months, we are back, better than ever with series II

Series II Hunter Scooter 

Colours: Obsidian (Gloss Black) 

              Dark Knight (Matte Black)



* 2 piece stainless exhaust system, with removable baffles 

* Aluminium foot pegs, 

* Colour coded Black Charcoal Pillion pegs 

* CNC aluminium) brake levers Charcoal 

* Colour coded Titanium and charcoal double canister rear shocks.

* Black with chrome accents speedo cluster